Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fun with lino printing!

For christmas I bought James a stamp set so that he could make cards for people for birthdays etc..., but it could easily have been a gift for myself as I could not stop imagining what pictures could be made from the stamps in the kit. I must resist using it (too much) though as it is for James and not for me. It has got me to thinking about how I could make my own stamps however. I have had a piece of lino tucked away in a drawer for sometime now and thought now's as good a time as any to dig it out and have a go. Using a sketch I uncovered the other day I drew out my image onto the lino and got cutting...

 I did (what I regard to be) a fairly successful print using just the outline. I added a little monogram of my initials to the corner. I thought that this may make it look a bit oriental. Maybe if I printed that bit in red it would stand out more!

I really like my first attempt, but thought I may as well push this a bit further, so I cut a stencil of the overall shape and sponged some paint through it onto some cartridge paper, which I had just stamped with the end of a cork.

Once this background had dried fully I stamped the outline on, the result of which is pictured at the top of this post.