Sunday, 17 February 2013

Time for a clear out!

I had a bit of clear out yesterday of my footstool in the living room (this is where I keep all sorts of sketch books, stationery and general clutter). It gets a bit busy in there and when it starts to get a difficult to get the lid back on I know it's time to do something! I discovered all sorts of randomness that I had completely forgotten about. I thought that I would share the items that interested me most.

 A beaded bee, which is a remnant from when I used to bead almost obsessively.

A tag from a recent baby gift sent from relatives in America. I love this, it looks so 1950's.

A playing card from a deck that I designed a couple  of christmasses ago. This one was a missprint, so has just been hanging around.

Some little sketches that I did from some chinese figures of Mum and Dads before they moved away. I think they may translate well as an idea for a lino cut.

Some sketches of a little teapot I have of Mums with a side pouring handle. I was just practicing at drawing quickly and without looking at the paper until I had finished. I really like how they have turned out.