Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Picture pricking

Following on from my earlier sketchbook post, I have reproduced the picture of my feet as a pricked out picture using a sharp point and some card. A bit of background as to how I thought of doing this.. For my 30th birthday my Dad presented me with an old technical ink pen. I have used this loads, but have never really examined it like I did the other day. I was just playing and found that the nib that carries the ink unscrews to reveal a seperate tool with a sharp pin like end. I've no idea what this is for, but I have used it to prick my picture onto a piece of card like you would do if you were going to make some pillow lace. Having just finished, I'm now not sure if I should have made the releif side the right side, as the design is a bit more prominent on the raised bits.

I photocopied my original drawing and placed on the card with some craft foam underneath, all of which was placed on a cutting mat
A close up of the pricking tool I was using
The completed picture
Reverse of pricked area
The back of the photocopy after pricking
Up against the light you can really see the detail