Thursday, 7 March 2013

Print swap sample number 1

I have just had a very quick play with an idea I have for Leslie Keatings print swap to get me started as I need to post this fairly soon. I have to print a metre in total to split into 4 pieces to swap with 4 other print makers. I am quite excited about it. I only have time to produce this one sample today, but will try to roll out a few more tomorrow.

I made the below sample by doing the following:
  1. I drew around my hands to make a dove shadow puppet image and cut this out of craft foam to use as a stencil
  2. I drew the stencil onto freezer paper, which I then cut out using a scalpel and ironed onto the fabric
  3. I sponged on the screen printing ink, but could do with a slightly thicker layer as this looks a bit patchy
  4. The cross is a piece of craft foam stuck to the end of the cork and the little square was a piece of craft foam left over when I was cutting out the cross. I used fabric pigment stamp pads for these shapes as they are so small.

As this is such a small scale printing run it seems much more suitable to play with more basic techniques rather than using the space and apparatus that screen printing requires (plus I do not have any screen printing equipment). So far it's been fun!