Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sunrise print idea

I am feeling enthused by print at the moment, so yesterday I played around with a few ideas I've been thinking of. I tried a simple sunrise image, whilst attempting create of texture within it. My love of textiles steers me to prefer a more tactile surface. I cut out a circle of paper and tore some strips to place on a blank sheet and act as a mask, so that I could sponge the blue lino ink on liberally, whilst still leaving some blank spaces to be added to. I cut out a simple foam circle stamp for the sun and stuck a crochet strip to some board to use as a stamp for the ground. I now wish that I had used some better quality paper as I really like how this turned out!

Happy with the above, I decided to repeat this image, but combine my paper pricking technique and a softer palette to really make the sun jump out.