Thursday, 18 April 2013

Staffordshire pottery dogs - illustrations

Below are some illustrations that I have been working on. They are all based on Staffordshire pottery dogs. I love the real life figurines as thay are kind of funny looking, but they can be a bit expensive, so I'll settle for these drawings. I may try and order some digital fabric prints of Grace and Majesty, so that I can make them into a pair of soft toys to sit on the side board instead of the real thing!

Struwwelpeter - Merry stories and funny pictures

I found this amazing childrens book the other day, 'Struwwelpeter - Merry stories and funny pictures' (also from Sundays car boot sale). I think it was only £1, so bought it without really looking at it, but it has some great short stories/rhymes in. They are all quite dark and I think originate from Germany, but they have really captured my imagination. It is full of tales of what might happen if children don't behave and do what adults say and mostly have bad endings. The story I have pictured below of 'Little suck-o-thumb' ends with this naughty child having his thumbs cut off by an imaginery character who hunts down thumb suckers. The boys mum is totally unsympathetic as she had already warned him that this would happen if he didn't stop. A little bit scary for little childrem maybe, but fun to read as an adult and lovely illustrations (which is why I bought it!)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Car boot puzzle

Another car boot sale another box of junk! Quite literally this time...

I was lured to a cardboard box of wooden puzzle bits on Sunday that looked rather interesting for £2. There was a broken old wooden puzzle box inside and lots of pieces that looked like they matched the picture. It's not a standard puzzle however, it's an architectural model of some kind of ancient Roman temple. Once home I discovered I had wooden boxes for 2 puzzles and none of the right pieces for either! I still think it's really interesting, although I'm not sure that my husband agrees...

I was playing around with it on Sunday and thought that the pieces made some rather good faces.

I could always hang the boxes on the wall as decoration (husband also not sure about this!)


New phone box mini project

A new phone arrived for me the other day. I had to get a change of phone after stupidly letting little man chew on my old one rendering the number 9 key useless. My replacement is a much more useful HTC something or another. It has lots of modern features and that, but one of the most exciting bits was the box! It's a really nice white recycled paper box. Some of the paper on the outside got damaged, so I re-covered this with some cartridge paper to give a nice blank canvas and decorated it with some stickers that I bought from the lovely Kim Smith of Art equals happy. Ta da, pretty new box to store stuff in.
original box exterior with damage
re-covered in clean new paper
Kim Smith sticker set
Inside of the box lid, which will now rest on top as a tray.
More sticker decoration

Finished box with new tray top!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Selfless portraits - the beginning

I have stumbled across an interesting idea on Facebook called Selfless portraits. Basically, once you opt to participate you get issued with a random facebook profile picture to draw and submit within 48 hours so that your profile picture can be sent to another random participant. You should receive your portrait back within approx 4 days of starting the process. I have not yet received one back, but below are a couple that I have submitted. You can do this as many times as you like, which really gives you a chance to experiment with different technique and also allows you to build up a whole gallery of self portraits. Here is the link Selfless Portraits and below are my submissions to date. I can't wait to see what I get back! I just hope that I haven't been sent to someone who uploads a photo of a dog or something...

gallery submission (unfortunately cropped alot of my picture)
original drawing - pastels on coloured pastel paper

double exposure drawing - holding 2 coloured pens together

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dorset scribbles

I went on holiday to Devon/Dorset last week and had a wonderful time. I am from Honiton in Devon, so I always feel like I'm going home whenever I go back. Below are a few scribbles that were inspired by the holiday and a visit to the BEAUTIFUL West Bay.
Boat names
Cliffy walk


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Marilla Walker Etsy shop

I have been thinking of opening an Etsy shop for sometime, but wanted to start with a product that I was truly happy with (Anyone that creates stuff knows that this is an almost impossible task). I have started with something simple enough, some hand illustrated calico bags and hopefully they will be seen and liked. Come and have a look here. I have used some of my favourite ideas and would quite happily keep them all which, fingers crossed, should bode well! Off to come up with some more ideas...

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Alphabet embroidery

I thought that my illustrated alphabet from a couple of weeks ago would make a perfect embroidery project and below is the result. I started out by enlarging the design to A3 and marking the letters on some linen with a water soluble pen and then made it up as I went along from there. Some of the letters are decorated with pattern or form relating to the character and others are just decorated randomly. I have a bag of different colour embroidery threads, so tried to use a different colour on each letter. I stretched the fabric in an embroidery hoop to carry out the work as it made it alot easier to handle.