Friday, 5 April 2013

New custom made clogs for me please!

Look what I got! I have been keen on all things Scandinavian lately and my new shoes illustrate this fact perfectly. I've seen lots of cool clogs online being worn by other people, but have been unable to find a pair suitable for myself... until now!

I found this UK based handmade clog company 'Bjorn clogs', spotted a style I liked and asked if they could make them in yellow with a pale wood base. They were very accomodating and said that they had a yellow patent leather that might work and the shoes were made up the next day. It doesn't cost any more to have them made in a different colour either, so I am a VERY happy lady. These shoes also tick several boxes for being a) really bright, b) unique and c) made in the UK, so is supporting local business. Go take a look at their website and order a pair.