Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New phone box mini project

A new phone arrived for me the other day. I had to get a change of phone after stupidly letting little man chew on my old one rendering the number 9 key useless. My replacement is a much more useful HTC something or another. It has lots of modern features and that, but one of the most exciting bits was the box! It's a really nice white recycled paper box. Some of the paper on the outside got damaged, so I re-covered this with some cartridge paper to give a nice blank canvas and decorated it with some stickers that I bought from the lovely Kim Smith of Art equals happy. Ta da, pretty new box to store stuff in.
original box exterior with damage
re-covered in clean new paper
Kim Smith sticker set
Inside of the box lid, which will now rest on top as a tray.
More sticker decoration

Finished box with new tray top!