Thursday, 18 April 2013

Struwwelpeter - Merry stories and funny pictures

I found this amazing childrens book the other day, 'Struwwelpeter - Merry stories and funny pictures' (also from Sundays car boot sale). I think it was only £1, so bought it without really looking at it, but it has some great short stories/rhymes in. They are all quite dark and I think originate from Germany, but they have really captured my imagination. It is full of tales of what might happen if children don't behave and do what adults say and mostly have bad endings. The story I have pictured below of 'Little suck-o-thumb' ends with this naughty child having his thumbs cut off by an imaginery character who hunts down thumb suckers. The boys mum is totally unsympathetic as she had already warned him that this would happen if he didn't stop. A little bit scary for little childrem maybe, but fun to read as an adult and lovely illustrations (which is why I bought it!)