Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Un petit waistcoat

I haven't done much crafting lately of any kind, but I wanted to make little man a waiscoat to wear to a wedding that we were attending last weekend. It was finished in time, it's just now that I'm choosing to write about it.

I searched online for free pattens and came across this one from Prudent Baby. It was simple enough to make, but I din't follow the tutorial, as I have my own method for construction. Rather than sewing the lining and face fabric together and then turning out I sewed the lining and face fabric together for the back and both fronts seperately on all edges apart from the shoulders and side seams. The tutorial from Prudent Baby instructs you to sew the armholes last with a top stitch, which I really don't like, so once I had bagged out the 3 pieces I inserted the shoulders of the backs into the fronts (right sides together) and stitched on the inside.

Above the pieces are stitched all around apart from the shoulder and side seams. I used a 1.5cm seam allowance, but the pattern calls for 1cm. Mine came out a bit small truth be told!

shoulder seam stitching - back shoulder is inserted into front, right sides facing, stitched and turned back through. Press everything to make sure it looks lovely!

 Back side seams are inserted into fronts and stitched to the face fabric only.

Front lining side is pressed under 1.5cm and pinned to be hand stitched. This creates a nice neat finish with no visible machine stitches and no bagging.

I finished wiith some hand embroidered button holes (not my finest needlework and they are not evenly spaced, doh!) and some closely matched, but not quite vintage mother of pearl buttons.