Thursday, 11 July 2013

Textile acquisitions

Some recent vintage textile finds...

These are close up pictures of a French nightshirt I found in a French market recently for 5 euros. It will make a great dress and I will use the shape to make patterns for some tops and dress variations. There is some slight staining from rust marks and some visible mends to the garment, but these are all elements that I love to examine that I find rather attractive. I hope to wear this soon!

Hand embroidered tray cloth bought for just 49p. I like the denim blue ground colour of the linen. It kicks the embroidery back slightly and makes it less stark.  I particularly like the crudely embroidered initials on the reverse border. Why would you even need to initial your own tray cloth? As if anyone is going to run off with it. Cute!

Set of four irish linen placemats that I bought because I just love the softness of the linen and thought the print would make a great embroidery motif.