Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'A' Front tuck blouse

Here is my first completed make from the Stylish dress book - simple smocks, dresses and tops!

Original finished object from book
I have decided not to offer myself as a model, as there is A: no-one here to take the photo and B: My tummy makes everything stick out too much.

My finished version

This is a simple pleated front, roomy top that I liked because of the frill detail to the sleeves. It should also see me through the rest of my pregnancy pre and post as it more than covers my tummy. Like I said, this top is roomy!

The design was easy to put together and the instructions helpful. The lengthiest process was tracing and cutting the paper pattern, which made my eyes go a bit funny due to the maze of lines on each pattern sheet. It's all good though.

I have decided to be organised about storing the patterns as I cut them and pop them in plastic sleeves with a photo of the garment in the front. Normally when I draft my own patterns I'm very disorganised and fold them up and pile them in a box somewhere so that I have to unfold each one to find out what it is. This is much better!