Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'B1' Draped collar dress

My first make from the Feminine wardrobe book, had to be this draped collar dress.

Original from book
I love the shirt hem and gusset detailing to the bottom of this dress and is something that I have applied to my own designs in the past. I found this lovely printed voile from a very cheap fabric shop in town and think it suits this style perfectly.

My version

I was a bit stingy when buying my fabric and only bought 2 metres, which meant that I did not have quite enough to cut the collar on the true bias or the sleeves in the correct direction of the print. I ended up cutting the sleeves with the width ways pattern running down the sleeve instead of lengthways and the collar I just cut on as much of a diagonal as possible. I think it's worked out fine considering. The pattern is so big and busy that you can't notice the direction of the cut so much and the drape of the collar is still there, which is better than trying to cut with the grain.


Louise Perry said...

This is beautiful, this has been on my sewing wish list for ever. I will make it one day as I think it is a fantastic looking shape. I love your blog by the way, have just spent a merry half hour reading your old posts. The clothes you made your Mum and Dad were great so thoughtful.

marilla walker said...

Ah, thank you Louise! It is a great dress! Unfortunately this was when I was a bit more camera why, so you can't see what it looks like on, but my advice is that it's a tad too roomy, so go down a size if you're unsure and remember to add seam allowances to the pattern pieces! Good luck! X