Friday, 16 August 2013

No bought clothes or 1 year

Since buying my new sewing pattern books (stylish dress book and feminine wardrobe), I have been scouring the internet to find images of other people's makes and have come across the blog of Daniela Gargiulo. She has resolved to not buy any new clothes for 1 year, which is something that I find very appealing. Like alot of people, as soon as pay day comes around I go out and 'treat myself' to something new, whether I need it or not. I hope to put a stop to this habitual behaviour and feel that now is the perfect time to start! The quality of clothes on the high street often disappoints, so need to keep this in mind when lusting after images of what I could be wearing.

I am about to go on maternity leave for a second time, so will have both little time and money to spare, so plan to make garments either hand sewn or knitted (when I do manage to find the time) and only wear the shoes in my cupboard...eek! I think the shoes will be the hardest part, as I am a bit obsessed. I won't turn down a gifted pair of shoes mind!!! I am not willing to forgo new undies and tights, but I will mend where possible.

The question is, can I also apply the same rules to my new baby? I may give it a go, but not sure if that's a very realistic notion, as vests and tights are going to be essential. Maybe that falls under the underwear category!

Looking forward to this challenge, but not looking forward to the January sales!