Friday, 23 August 2013

'V' Button placket dress

I often think I have more than half a brain, but it did not seem so when it came to this project!

Original from book

I started out feeling really good about it having traced and cut the paper pattern, followed by the fabric (which I really love). I then put it to one side for a few days, whilst I got on with some other bits only to return to some obviously incorrect looking pieces. I took the sleeves I had cut and instantly noticed that the sleeve heads looked too narrow. I ran to check the pattern book... yep, I had forgotten to add any seam allowances! Doh! I was so annoyed with myself. Could I be bothered to forge on with this thankless project? Normally I would walk away immediately, as there's little point spending time on a project which is not going to end well, but a thought in the back of my mind was saying that maybe this could just work. One of the saving graces of most of these Japanese styles is that they are so loose fitting that a few centimetres shaved off here or there doesn't have to end in disaster. Here is the finished article!

My version

 The only major problems my earlier mishap caused was that the button placket had no seam allowance to join to, meaning I would have either had to insert a little pleat beneath the buttons as I was 2cm short of fabric down the centre front where I had cut out a section for the placket, or add an insert to keep the front nice and smooth. I preferred the smooth option, but it meant more work. I inserted a contrast band right around the placket to add the missing 2cm, which does not compromise the original design. The other idiot thing I did was to use the cuffs from another pattern cut ready for a blouse project. The cuffs on this dress are supposed to be thin bias binding strips, not 2" deep cuffs!

Anyhew...despite all of that I couldn't be happier with how this turned out. The denim fabric I chose has worked really well and the reverse side provided a perfect contrast for all the trims. I added pockets into the side seams, as I cannot bear to not have pockets and I have used my favourite orangy red plastic buttons that I have completely overused on past projects, but don't care!