Sunday, 1 September 2013

'V' button front shirt dress

This is the last dress I will be making for a little while. I have had the fabric for this project for some time and was just waiting for the right dress to come along to apply it to. It's a soft drapey viscose twill type fabric and has a kind of retro look to the print which, if I really squint, reminds me of  gorgeous Eley Kishimoto dresses.

The pattern is yet another from 'Stylish dress book - Wear with freedom' and is also a button fronted loose style, which seems to be my favourite at the moment.

original from book

I messed up again with the pattern! I somehow managed to add hem allowance to the back, plus extra as per the instructions, but completely missed this on the front. The dress front ended up quite a way off the length that it should be (10cm!). How annoying! I have fixed this by adding in a bottom panel, but realise this looks pretty rubbish. I think I will make up a little frill in the same fabric to cover the seam, but also go round to back of the skirt. Anyway, here's the finished garment.

Dress front

Self covered buttons - a pain to make!

Dodgy hem!

Dress back

Close up detail of fabric

Some accessories that I thought would complete the look nicely...

Eley Kishimoto tights

Tatty Devine necklace
Hobbs shoes


Zoƫ said...

I like the fabric you chose and the collar :)

Marilla Walker said...

Thank you!

Ramona said...

No fair! You should model. Want to see what it looks like on. It looks too comfy. I want one! ;-)

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Ramona, I'm trying to model my clothes from now on, as we all want to see what clothes look like on don't we? I was too camera shy at this point ;-) x

Knitted Jumper said...

I love this soooooo much! I've been looking for a pattern like this for ages so thank you!! :)

Marilla Walker said...

No problemo, I hope you enjoy making it!