Sunday, 23 February 2014

Drawing eyes shut!

Well after a long time of not writing (mainly due to new baby commitments) I am returning to it with a vengance.

I will shortly be posting an update of all of the clothes I have been sewing since the new year as well as regular updates of a new art project I am undertaking alongside my lovely knitting pal Ella (check out her blog as she is a really talented lady).

We are both going to produce some form of art each week that centres around a theme set by either Ella or myself. This weeks theme was eyes closed and we have food for next week with a Friday deadline each time. The whole idea really excites me as I love to have a reason for putting pen to paper!

Well, here goes with my first attempt at following a theme. I must admit that I am slightly cringing at the thought of sharing this picture as I'm not overly happy with it. It is a sketch of my daughter sleeping which I have drawn onto a fabric sample and stamped with orange spots. I like the idea of the drawing on a fabric like this, but it's just the execution that has let it down. The drawing's not the best, but I think it can be improved by being emroidered over (maybe)...

The whole point of this excercise is to experiment and be creative, so I feel I have acheived that at least. Lets hope that I improve as the weeks go by!