Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hemlock T-shirt

I have made myself a t-shirt! 

I have been thinking about it for a while, as I am partial to a stripe t-shirt, but finally decided to take the plunge with this easy free pattern for the 'Hemlock' t-shirt from Grainline studio. I chose this pattern as the fit is nice and loose, but I think I may make the arms taper to a narrower end if I make it again, as I would prefer the sleeve to be tighter. This is a really good pattern though (let's not forget it's free!) and very wearable. Providing I can find more stripy jersey I will be making many more!

My version does not differ greatly from Jen of the Grainline's version as I have also opted for red and white stripes. It was more lack of choice than preference, as there does not seem to be an abundance of striped jerseys in my local fabric shop.

I tried an overlocked flat lock hem for the first time, so the entire top was sewn on my over locking machine. I got the idea from 'what Katie sews', who used this technique on her plantain top. The finish is a bit wonky, but some more practice will make perfect!

As I said before, I made my own t-shirt! Very excited!