Monday, 24 February 2014

My vintage sewing pledge

I have decided to join in and set my very own 'vintage sewing pledge' as per the challenge put forward by Marie of 'a stitching odyssey'. I self draft alot of my own patterns (although not so much since discovering Japanese sewing books) which is slightly ridiculous given the patterns I already own. Most of my bought patterns are actually vintage, as the fact is that they are so much cheaper! This does mean that I have to buy when I see and can never really have anything specific in mind, but I am happier this way. I feel that 3 patterns may be acheivable this year. It doesn't sound like alot, but given the mental list of future makes that is already building up in my mind I do not have the luxury of time with 2 small children to complete much more than I have already set myself.

I'm thinking of attempting one of the below dresses, as I have a nice thick orange jersey that would be perfect for either styles.

I really love the below outfits, but am not sure how they will sit in my current wardrobe, so they are just maybe's at the mo. A pussybow shift is a possiblilty though.

Both of these cullotte styles are perfect, i just need to pick one!

Although very 80's, there is definitely a pretty flapper intrepretation lurking in this pattern somewhere, or maybe a nautical sailor number.

These are the oldest from my selection, but would take some re-grading and time to make them work for me.

So this is where i'm at so far with my pledge, I just need to decide which one to start with...