Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Spring contest dress!

A few weeks ago I entered the 'Big Spring Contest' from Offset warehouse. Offset Warehouse has got a substantial selection of ethically produced, sustainable fabrics and four people have been selected to make a design in the fabric of their choosing from the collection.

Four blogs hosted the first stage of the competition, each with a different subject, and I entered 'Scruffy Badgers' category. I had an idea for 'the first frock for spring' and hoped that Winnie (blog owner) would like it as much as I did. Well, she did and I have now become a finalist in the competition!

The fabric arrived today, so I can now get cracking. Below is the design I want to make up. It is a free downloadable pattern of a 1950's inspired dress from the V&A website here.

I now need to turn this...

Into this...

It needs to be completed by the 9th April, so I have just pre-washed the fabric and have the pattern all printed out and ready to go. In the interests of remaining eco friendly for this challenge I am not going to make a toile, as this would, in theory, be wasteful of fabric.

The final part of the competition will rely on the public vote, so I'm going to need as much support as possible to win. Fingers crossed! xxx