Saturday, 22 March 2014

By Hand London - 'Eloise' skirt

As soon as I saw this first fabric offering from the 'By Hand London' girls, I knew it was for me! It reminds me of a Liberty print, but with a creepy twist. I love it! The peachy tones are just my kind of colours too.
Yes they are creepy critters, not the beautiful flowers you first thought!

I must confess, that although I am fairly knowledgable when it comes to fabric, I have never worked with a cotton poplin before and didn't expect it to be quite so thick. It was lovely to work with, but maybe the summery print would have suited a light cotton lawn better, or maybe that's just my Liberty reference clouding me...

Never the less, I don't really want that to sound like a complaint, just a suggestion, as I am supremely happy with it and how it's turned out as a finished garment.

I did do a pre-wash, as I wanted to eliminate any coatings, risk of shrinkage, colour runs from the outset. No need to worry there, as it washed very well!

I made a really simple, but ultimately wearable skirt and used almost every inch of the metre I purchased. It was a make-up as I go pattern, which even managed to include some cheeky pockets!

Here's the finished article! I can honestly see me wearing this for years and years and years and years and I can't wait for their next offering.

Where did that stray loose thread come from?

FYI - BHL are looking to expand their fabric printing potential and are looking for help to fund a new printer, so that they can go on and conquer the fabric world as well as the sewing pattern one. If you want to read more on how you can help this young indie business you can find more details here.

Next on the agenda is to make a 'Polly' camisole to go with my skirt (free 'BHL' download). Pattern pieces all printed and cut, I just need to choose a fabric!