Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Me made jeans!

Ok, I'm going to climb that mountain and attempt to make my own bespoke jeans...pattern and all! Da, da, daaaaa!

I have been thinking about trousers alot lately and making myself the perfect pair, which has now moved onto thoughts of jeans and is rapidly becoming an obsessive niggling thought that I can't seem to shake from my mind.

I have found this beautiful ethically produced denim from Merchant and Mills to start with. I was looking for some selvedge denim and was pointed in this direction by Katie, from 'what Katie sew' blog. It is so tactile and soft. It's very narrow (78cm), but I think that it's going to work really well and I'm going to try and retain as much of the selvedge as possible on the outside leg.

I think I have created a basic block that works, so I just need to mock up a toile and see where I need to go from there! Exciting!!!