Friday, 7 March 2014


As mentioned in a previous post, myself and my good friend Ella (Bombella) are challenging each other to a Friday art project. This weeks theme was Paisley and this is what I have come up with!

Ta dah!

The Paisley pattern is traditionally made up of all sorts of intricate detailing, but typically includes a teardrop/kidney shaped motif somewhere within the design. This was originally inspired by Indian/Iranian designs, but is named in the Western world after the Scottish town of Paisley, a centre for textiles, where it was largely produced.

I did not quite know where to go with this initially. As I couldn't steer my mind any further than reproducing the Paisley pattern, rather than paint, draw or print it, I have opted to machine embroider it. I have used the machine free-hand without any pencil guidelines with white, grey and coral threads on off-white paper to create texture with tiny hints of colour. The reverse side (stitched with a white bobbin thread) is the side I prefer, as the colour only justs peeps through. I have not machine embroidered much before, so I found it difficult to control, but I enjoy the effect.

Reverse side detail