Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fashion Revolution Day 2014

Here is my inside out outfit for fashion revolution day! I have not gone through my hand-mades to pick out the garment with the nicest finish, I have chosen to chuck on what I would have been wearing today anyway.

This dress gets worn all the time and is more like a housecoat than a dress sometimes (a housecoat I wear to work, take on holiday etc...)

I self drafted and made this shirt dress about 4 years ago and it's so me. I'ts comfy, light and airy and has seen me through 2 pregnancies. I have repaired it, bleached a few areas (by accident) and have a new repair to make, but it is going nowhere near a landfil site or a charity bin. This is the complete opposite of fast fashion. To me this dress illustrates perfectly the point of have less, be more selective! Or as Madame Westwood says "Buy less, choose well, make it last"

Do you know who made your clothes or what conditions they were working under? To find out more about Fashion Revolution day and increase your awareness of what goes on within the fashion industry go here.

 My mini photo shoot with my gorgeous baby! She's a much better model than me anyway!


Awaiting repair...