Thursday, 24 April 2014

I made a bag!

Turn around Kidston and look at the bag I made!

I have made numerous bags in the past, but this is by far the best one! I think the difference with this one is that I took the time to draft a paper pattern and thought a bit more about the finish from the outset. My usual tactic is to just measure and cut out shapes direct to the fabric, which does not work out so well, because the initial planning stage somehow gets forgotten. Weird, seeings as you'd think I'd plan more to go straight to fabric!

Anyhew, back to the bag! I recently had the pleasure of holidaying in Wales and whilst there found this piece of John Lewis oil cloth at a car boot sale. It is almost a metre length and cost £2.50. I love buying things like this on holiday, as it my ideal kind of souvenir.

I'll not go into construction detail right now, as I may create a PDF pattern for this at some point, so don't want to bore you un-necessarily. I will however point a few of it's key features if I may...

I have piped the bottom and side panels with a brown/white fine stripe cotton, as well as bound the front pocket

 I added some buttons and hand-sewn buttonholes to the strap to make it slightly adjustable. The thing I dislike most about bag construction is the amount of hardware you are expected to have, so I wanted to be able to use materials and techniques that are easily accesible.

 I also added a little cotton tab to seal off the end of my zip, as I ended up using an old open ended one from my stash (no, make that my mum's stash)

Top stitching to keep seams down and attach the shoulder strap, plus my label (of course!)

Fully lined in the green colourway of the piping fabric

Underside detail...

I covered the connection of the piping with a fabric tab, but one side of the piping has retracted back slightly.

 More topstitching...

 I have acheived quite alot considering my initial plan was to make a portable change mat. Funnily enough, I have managed to squeeze a change mat out of my fabric, but got distracted by the bag, so it remains an UFO for now.


Anonymous said...

beautiful! I too make my own bags all the time. if you do decide to make a pdf pattern and would like a pattern tester, I am game to do that! you can reach me at clconnors @ sbcglobal . net (I put spaces in the email address on purpose - when messaging you should NOT use the spaces). :-)

Lady Stitcher said...

Great bag! Would love on like this to take on holidays! :)

marilla freemantle said...

Thank you ladies! I'll hopefully get a pattern together fairly soon! X

Sara said...

That is a great looking bag! I've been tempted to try sewing a bag, but somehow, making clothes always seems more urgent ;)