Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Big Spring Contest - cutting

I finally finished cutting this beast!

There has been alot of work to do on this dress so far and none of it has been straight forward.

First was the task of putting together the paper pattern. This was made up of 50 something pieces of paper. I found the easiest way to do this was lay all of the pages on the floor, so that I could see the shapes and work through cutting and taping each piece at a time.

 So...with that completed then was the cutting of the fabric! Initially, I was confident that I could complete this in an evening. Notice I said initially...

The fabric is a handmade product and as such has an irregular weave, a feature I like very much.This does not however help at all when cutting a fancy fifties style dress whose design kind of depends on the grain running perfectly on each piece!

Normally I would fold the fabric in half, lay the pattern pieces and get cutting. This was not going to end well, so I resorted to cutting each piece individually in order get the grain as true as possible. I even cut each paper pattern piece in half if it was symmetrical, so that I could lay it on a fold to ensure that a stripe ran perfectly down the centre (if that makes sense). 26 pattern pieces later, this is what I have ended up with...

 Anyway, all that aside, I feel that I have broken the back of this and can now move forward. I just need to underline the bodice pieces to give them more strength and I can then start piecing stuff together. 

I think that the groundwork will be worthwhile and will produce a stunning end garment. I also fully appreciate that it is not the fault of the fabric itself, as the beauty of this product is that it has been produced by hand and that any irregularities are part of that beauty. I would choose to handle a product like this any day of the week! I am however looking forward to completing this dress!!!