Friday, 9 May 2014

How to wear me-made clothes!

As previously mentioned, I am currently documenting my outfits daily and posting them onto the MMM'14 Flickr pool. As well as making a pictorial diary for myself, I am also able to see what everyone else is wearing and it's so great to see members of the 'online' sewing community regularly wearing items from their handmade wardrobe. This may be an incorrect assumption, but I kind of think that alot of non-sewers struggle to visualise handmade garments fitting into a regular wardrobe. Getting a wedding dress made from scratch yes, but regular, everyday clothes? I'm not so sure!

There are some very talented people out there making some wonderful things and when I say wonderful, I do not mean big dresses or flashy fabrics, I mean wardrobe staples and basics that are well considered, well constructed and classic.

Here are my picks from MMM'14 so far...

Doesn't Sara from blog 'Mixed Emotions' look so stylish? She wears very clean lines with a kind of seventies twist at times. A smart casual sewing style, which is a bit Gap/Cos mixed with YSL.

Tassadit from blog 'Rues des Renards' is a me-made whizz! Can you believe she even makes her own shoes??? She is close to graduating as a milliner and she seems to make all her own knitwear as well as sew her clothes. Is there anything she can't do? Look how cute her style is! The fact that she can make all of these things makes her style very cohesive and personal.

Nicki from 'This is Moonlight' is so eclectic. She puts things together in ways I would never consider, but I love it! The outfit on the right with the velvet shorts and check/spot linen jacket is my favourite. What a cute outfit! Even though it's shorts and a blazer, it's still soft and the colours make it very feminine. She also has a very enviable shoe collection (shoes, shoes, shoes, must steer away from shoes!!!)

Kathryn from 'yes I like that' combines RTW and handmade in a way that you wouldn't know that she was wearing handmade unless she told you. She has a cool, modern look and a really good eye for colour as well as a real knack for creating good basics like the above skirts. This girl also makes jeans. That's right...jeans!!! Keep an eye on her shoes too (I must stop with the shoes!). She likes Clarks shoes by the way...

Yoshimi from Yoshimi the flying Squirrel is most definitely a style crush. Look how cool and flowy those outfits are? Not to mention that pale yellow skirt mirrors my favourite 'Whistles Carrie' skirt. If I were to aspire to own anyone's handmade wardrobe then it would be hers (except it wouldn't fit, as I would be far too big for these beautiful clothes) In fact she has inspired a future make in her Baby blue Culottes.

So what is the point of my waffling? Well, I just wanted to demonstrate how good handmade clothes can look! They don't need to be obviously handmade or spectacularly unique, they can just be regular, basic clothes that are proportionally correct, in the colours that you want and with as many details as you choose to add/leave off. Being able to choose the elements of a garment means less compromise and less endless searching for that elusive perfect item that never quite appears in the shops, or if it does then it is slightly too short/long/stretchy/tight. Me-made clothing is obviously not for everyone and this kind of dressing is a lifestyle choice which takes a large investment of time, but on my little cloud I would love for everyone to have a go at making or re-fashioning something for their everyday wardrobe. Clothes represent who we are whether we are passionate about them or not. We all wear them, so it is only right that we should pay more attention as to how and why we select them. Slow fashion is the way to go! (in my opinion)

P.S - One last note! It would be great to see some men in the MMM challenge! Are you out there?

P.P.S - Some other great participants to check out, but not featured above are...

There are many more to mention, so I'll stop there.