Monday, 26 May 2014

Mimi for me-me!

Is there anyone in the sew-blog world that does not own Tilly's book? I feel I can make such a casual reference confident that you will all know what I am talking about (Love at first stitch by Tilly Walnes for those not in the know!)

If you own this book then you have probably flicked through and stroked pages or imagined your own versions of the lovely patterns. Tilly is encouraging and inspiring throughout and is basically living the life that all us sewists would love right now. If you do sew then this will help you begin to build a beautiful and ultimately wearable handmade wardrobe. If you don't sew, then this book will make you wish you did!

Anyway, reviews are flying all over the inter web, so I shall speak no more about this wonderful book and I really want to show off my Mimi blouse!

This is my first make from the book (hopefully I will get to try out the other patterns, but currently I have a few more of these in the planning!!!). I used a very crunchy feeling light linen which creases like there's no tomorrow and is difficult to press completely flat, but is very pleasing and lovely to work with. It was leftover from a print project last year and I haven't cut exactly as per the suggestion as I only had limited fabric. The yoke has a centre back seam and the back neck facing was cut off grain. The under collar also has back seam and the top collar was cut on a bias fold, but other than that no real changes.

I decided to get creative on the fabric, so I cut it all out and spent an evening staring at the front pieces wondering how I could decorate them. I had in mind an all over stamped print in different colours, but got stuck on the idea of using just red. After much procrastination I just drew my hands to form a border print. The evening was going on and I just wanted to get sewing, so after glancing at an embroidery I started some time ago, I decided this would do!

I drew them with water soluble pen and then painted over the lines with some screen printing ink, iron fixed it in the morning, washed the pen away and started sewing once the pieces were dry.

I didn't make a toile and it turns out the sizing is spot on! I made a size 4 and I'm very happy with the fit. I've used vintage mother of pearl buttons to finish, which works well with the vintagey linen. The painting adds a nice contrast to the vintage feel. They may even be a little creepy, but I can already tell that I am going to wear this to death. Anyway, here are more pictures to look at!

Look at that nice crisp pleat!

Whilst I was in an inky mood I decided to get my act together and use my silk screen that's been waiting to be used for a while now! I made up a stencil from my Pablo doll that I made last year some time and split it into 3 colours. Registration was a nightmare and I've even double printed one of them, but I love it! More to come on this later when I actually make it into something.

 Strangely enough, the above 2 projects are linked in more ways than I first thought! I adore Picasso and he provides me with so much inspiration, but the hands are loosely based on African asafo flags, which incidently I saw on a school art/textiles trip MANY years ago in connection with Picasso. Anyone who admires Picasso knows he was greatly inspired by African artifacts dotted around his studio. So there you go!

I'm thinking of framing the screen stencil. Isn't it cute?

Another BIG inspiration is Elsa Schiaparelli and look, I own a pair of shoes! They are far too small, but aren't they scrumptious!

Talk about random post! Over and out for now!