Friday, 2 May 2014

MMM14 week 1 round-up

Me Made May has officially started and this is what I have worn for the first 2 days. I figured it's best to post a round-up of what I have worn each Friday of this month rather than a daily thing, as it may get boring to read... I shall be posting pictures of my outfits to the Flickr pool daily if you want to check it out and see what everyone else is wearing!

Day 1
  • Handknitted cardigan - a Rowan vintage knits, Sarah Dallas pattern
  • Topshop skirt - I rarely wear this as it's so clingy, but it looks great with this cardi, so I think it may come out more often!
  • H&M top


Day 2

A Friday theme has been set of 'Cocktail Hour'. Here is my effort!!!
  • Newly made and heavily modified Flora dress
  • Tatty Devine bling


Linda P said...

Love the zip in the dress. Enjoy MMM14 all of the month

Linda P said...

Great Zip dress.
Enjoy MMM14 all month long

Caroline said...

Loving your me-made-makes. This is my first MMM too and I am finding it rather challenging i.e having to actually plan my outfits in advance rather than just throw the nearest thing on.
I love your cardigan - I haven't attempted any form of knitted garmet so respect there its beautiful.
I also love your Tatty Devine bling - I was too skint to go to the sample sale in Brick Lane on Saturday so I'm trying not to think about the cool stuff I could have got!!