Friday, 16 May 2014

MMM'14 Week 3 round-up

So, more than half way through! I'm quite sad about this as I have been enjoying the participation so far. I don't love having my photo taken, but it's really interesting to see what I wear from day to day, as I don't really over analyse it too much normally.

This week to avoid too much repetition I have been dredging the back of my wardrobe a bit. I like what I have been wearing and seem to have alot more hand made clothes than I first imagined.

Day 10


 Day 12
  • Me-made skirt made from By Hand London 'Eloise' print fabric
  • Cos jumper
  • H&M safety pin print top underneath

 Day 13
  • Me-made skirt from a vintage 50's pattern - unblogged, this was a UFO for about 3 years until I finally put a zip in about 2 years ago!
  • Blouse - production sample from the buying office I used to work in

Day 14
  • Me-made dress blogged about here. The buttons were just decoration, but since having baby girl I have changed this and added a functioning button placket
  • Necklaces from Tatty Devine and Alex Monroe
  • Shoes from Esprit
  • Baby girl wears mummy made cardi, hand me down vest from baby boy and production sample chuck out leggings from work.

 Day 15 - sun's out! Had to remove shirt part way through the day as it was tooooo hot!
  • Flora playsuit blogged here
  • Chambray dotty shirt blogged here
  • Old sandals fromOffice

 Day 16 - sun's out again!
  • Pre-blog self-drafted shirt dress
  • Hobbs NW3 belt
  • Old Office sandals