Friday, 23 May 2014

MMM'14 - Week 4 round-up

 Only one week left to go of MMM. I am a bit sad about this, as I am enjoying dressing this month, but can't say I will miss the photo taking! This is obviously not obligatory, but I kind of started every day and now can't stop!

My RTW is now looking so BORING!!!

BTW - I was going to ramble on longer, but my computer completely wiped this post and I have had to re-do it before the kids wake up! I'll ramble on longer next week!!!

DAY 17

DAY 18
  • Me-made self-drafted dress, pre-blog
  • Me-made handknit, pre-blog

DAY 19
  • Me-made PJ bottoms, unblogged
  • Hand knit socks, unblogged
  • Cos jumper

Later that day...

DAY 20
  • Hemlock as above
  • Me-made self-drafted skirt

 DAY 21
  • Me-made self-drafted dress, pre-blog
  • Me-made handknit

DAY 22
  • Me-made trousers 
  • Red/White stripe Hemlock
  • Cos jumper

DAY 23
  • Me-made dress 
  • Gap jeans