Friday, 23 May 2014

MMM'14 - Week 4 round-up

 Only one week left to go of MMM. I am a bit sad about this, as I am enjoying dressing this month, but can't say I will miss the photo taking! This is obviously not obligatory, but I kind of started every day and now can't stop!

My RTW is now looking so BORING!!!

BTW - I was going to ramble on longer, but my computer completely wiped this post and I have had to re-do it before the kids wake up! I'll ramble on longer next week!!!

DAY 17

DAY 18
  • Me-made self-drafted dress, pre-blog
  • Me-made handknit, pre-blog

DAY 19
  • Me-made PJ bottoms, unblogged
  • Hand knit socks, unblogged
  • Cos jumper

Later that day...

DAY 20
  • Hemlock as above
  • Me-made self-drafted skirt

 DAY 21
  • Me-made self-drafted dress, pre-blog
  • Me-made handknit

DAY 22
  • Me-made trousers 
  • Red/White stripe Hemlock
  • Cos jumper

DAY 23
  • Me-made dress 
  • Gap jeans


Sasha said...

Cosy day 19 !!!! Love it!

marilla walker said...

To be honest I'm making special efforts to get dressed before midday, as it's MMM, but this is not the norm! ;-)

Sara said...

Hi Marilla, I agree that it isn't easy to take a picture every day: I've actually skipped a couple. But I'm really enjoying this. It's just really fun to see everyone every day on Flickr, and I'm learning a lot about my closet needs, paying a lot more attention to what actually gets worn than I usually do--blue, right? ;) .

marilla walker said...

Seeing what everyone else is wearing is one of the best bits! I've actually let go of some items during this process that I've held onto for years, but never wear! I feel able to, knowing that the fit will never be quite right or the colour's not really me. Whether you are into clothes or not, they do represent who you are, so it is an unnecessary burden to have clutter to pick through to get to the things that are actually true to you. Looking at your outfits though I can't believe you actually have any 'mistakes' in your wardrobe! :-) x

JustSew Jenna said...

They are ALL gorgeous! I really, really love that coral denim and I am in awe of your knitwear! xx