Saturday, 31 May 2014

MMM'14 Week 5 - final round-up!!!

Ah, the end of my first me-made-May! That is both sad and a relief! Sad, because I have really enjoyed looking at the Flickr group and seeing how everyone else is doing and what they are wearing. I feel I've been a part of something fun and supportive and it's been great interacting with fellow bloggers and exchanging comments on each others outfits. The relief part comes from no more selfies for now and I can also go back to wearing the same dress 3 days in a row! The constant outfit change has actually been the main challenge for me really, as I do wear handmade regularly, but don't rotate as often. Also finding enough breast feeding appropriate garments was a bit of a stretch, but I managed ok!

Here's the final week in outfits...

DAY 24 - I hate this photo!

 DAY 25 - I hate this photo too! Bodice looks a bit messy...
  • Me-made chambray dress from the 'Big Spring contest'. I had to change the bodice, as this was unwearable for breast feeding. I didn't want to wait another year to wear it, so cut a Flora tank bodice from my small amount of remaining offset warehouse fabric and attached it to the skirt. Much better!!!
  • Me-made hand knit

DAY 26
  • Me-made smock dress
  • Gap jeans
  • Toast coat - I can't imagine making a coat I love as much as this!
  • Me-made change bag - used daily!
  • Hobbs bag (orange one) - freebie won in a competition!
  • H&M shoes

DAY 27

DAY 28 - My darling children seem hell bent on keeping me from sleeping, so today I am having an EXTREMELY lazy day!
  • Me-made stripe dress
  • H&M leggings
  • Me-made socks - unblogged

DAY 29
  • Me-made self-drafted T-shirt - as yet unblogged!
  • Me made trousers - wearable muslin (these have now stretched beyond recognition)

DAY 30
  • Me-made dress (Flora tank bodice with pleated skirt) - as yet unblogged
  • Cos jumper
  • RTW tights

DAY 31
  • Me-made stripey dress
  • Me made baby jumper - unblogged
  • Me made baby Maria!

 So, what has this challenge done for me? 
  • Well, for one it has really made me look at my wardrobe in terms of handmade and RTW. Normally I don't distinguish between the two, as everything all merges together. As it turns out I do wear alot of handmade alot of the time, which is not something I was necessarily aware of until now.
  • From a personal style point of view I can see that I actually have quite alot of coherence in my wardrobe. Stripes and Navy blue seem to be the glue that holds it all together ;-)
  • As for my knitwear, I don't have a bad selection. There's a shortage of me-made jumpers (as in none), but I can definitely rectify that. I am a complete fibre snob though and no matter how good I get at knitting, nothing can quite compare to a good quality fine merino RTW jumper.
  • I can stick to a challenge if I put my mind to it! I have surprised myself I have to say. It is actually hard work thinking about an outfit every day, as I don't normally think too hard with the prospect of being puked on or smudged by a baby and toddler looming over me, but it has been encouraging to be doing it alongside so many others. I think my motivation may have dipped if I was on my own as I am a bit of a flake and can easily talk myself out of things.
  • I need to make some hand made clothes for my two little ones. I am a completely selfish sewer and only really make things for myself, so need to get into the habit of making little things for little people.
  • I have met some amazing and truly inspirational sewers and (hopefully) friends through the power of the interweb.
In true me-made style here's an overview of my month in handmade...