Saturday, 17 May 2014

NYlon2014...kind of!

Today was the day, the big day...the NYlon2014 meet-up. I would love to write a big long post and show you all the amazing things about the day, but I completely neglected to take my camera!!!! Idiot!!!

I can tell you though, that is was really fun day and well worth making the trip from Reading to London with small baby in tow! I met some fellow sewists, the weather was amazing and I would even go as far as to say that small baby enjoyed it!

So, no pictures of the day, but here is what I wore (not quite as interesting I'm afraid). Bearing in mind aforementioned small baby, I decided that my 'me-made' outfit for the day needed to be practical and comfortable. Lugging buggy around central London in a pretty dress did not seem a good idea. In a previous life this would have seemed like a viable option, but now I'm all grown up like, I have a different dressing criteria.

Like many others, I'm sure, I was up until bed-time (about 10 o'clock) the previous evening finishing my outfit. I had already made this linen top the summer before, but I just shortened it to look nice with these trousers. It's self drafted and is not really wonky like it looks in the pictures.

The trousers are a Republique du Chiffon pattern and are the pantalon Gilbert. If you haven't heard of this pattern company before, you really should check it out! This was only 3.60 euros, but beware! The patterns are beautifully hand drawn, but you must add seam allowances before cutting. You also need to trace this, as some of the pattern pieces are drawn inside some of the bigger pieces to save paper. I did make a toile in this case, as trousers can be a minefield and I'd never made anything from this company before. I'm glad I did, because I did need to make changes.

I made a UK 14, but this was a smidge on the tight side on my waist, so I added 1cm to the front trouser pieces centre seam. As well as this I did not find the pleats very flattering, so I slashed the pattern down the leg and opened it out about 4cm and made one big pleat on each leg that was simply pleated straight onto the waistband. The overall fit though is good and really well cut. The waistband is especially flattering (I think). The trousers were a little on the short side for rolling, so I added 12cm to the overall length to create a good turn-up.

Please note my special overlocking detail! I wanted something a bit jeansy, so I threaded the needle of my overlocker with a neon coral and kept the remaining 2 threads white. Quite a good effect, that I'll be using more often.

Hook and bar closures. It's hard to tell in this photograph, but the bar closures and hand stitched in matching thread. I did not want to make a buttonhole on the waistband, as I thought it would spoil the clean look I was going for.

Again, hard to tell in this photo, but the pockets are lined with Cath Kidston mini cowboy print.

Side view with my very special assistant and travel buddy for the day.

And now for the money shot! I'm not standing very well here, but I think they fit well all over really.

My prize fabric from Goldhawk road! From top to bottom...
  • Some (to die for) beige coated linen to make a summer jacket/coat with, possibly another Albion. Here's my previous version, but I don't think it's really me
  • Some mink colour fine knit for either a super posh Grainline Hemlock tee or a drapey cardigan
  • Liberty print ladder fabric that I am going to use as lining for my husbands Albion (am I mad to use this precious fabric for that?)
  • Liberty print landscape fabric for a dress! Maybe search Tilly's book for a pattern
  • Speaking of Tilly's book, like a complete nerd I have bought some fabric that she uses for the Bridgitte scarf.I don't know what I am going to do with it, but I somehow couldn't leave it behind!!!
That's it then! What a great day and I'm glad I didn't chicken out last minute like I thought I would. I met some lovely sewing peeps today and will attempt to keep in touch with a few and hopefully we'll meet again! Still can't believe I didn't take photos...drat!