Tuesday, 13 May 2014

2014 sewing meet-up and Tag swap

This Saturday is going to be a little adventure for me. I am going to London to meet up with some other sewing bloggers at the sewing meet-up, which has been organised by Rachel from House of Pinheiro.

I must say I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, as I'm going to have to brave the trip with my 5 month old baby girl. I'm certain that everything will be fine, but it's the whole tube thing and the what ifs... What if she is crabby from the beginning? What if she needs feeding at an inconvenient time? Argh!!! Like I said, I'm sure the day will go fine and I can always break away early if it gets too much, but I can't help but feel a little anxious!

Despite all that I'm really looking forward to metting some fellow sewing bloggers and (hopefully) making the trip to the infamous Goldhawk road. Lucky payday is this week!!!!

As a small excercise leading up to the meet-up, Rachel sent out a call for everyone to do a name tag swap. This involved anyone from the sewing community (not just attendees) to be paired off to make name tags for one another. I was paired up with Claire from Hoopes Park Studios and was so glad. She liives in America and says she is new to sewing/refashioning, but she is so creative and inciteful. She was super quick with her tag and I received it within a couple of weeks. Look what she sent me!

 I love the mini map of England and the embroidery. She's also used a luscious velvet scrap on the reverse. I know this sounds silly, but I like tiny bits of nice fabric and stroke the pile whenever I pick it up. Is that a bit insane??? Psycho alert!!! Oh, and Claire sent me a lovely card with a very sweet message in about how lovely the sewing communtity is. I would very much tend to agree with this statement.

I was unable to start straight away, but got my panic on a bit once I had received Claires, so I took some bits away with me on a family holiday to Wales and got sewing. In comparison it looks a bit plain. I did not stick to the brief entirely, as it is not really a name tag. It is an embroidered vintage hanky that I thought could be pinned to clothing or draped in a pocket. Does that work?

Some details of the embroidery below. I drew the design freehand with water vanishing pen thingy and used the tread to go over and colour it in.

It's been really lovely to be introduced to a fellow blogger in this way. I now have a new blog to follow and a new international buddy. Go and check her out here!