Monday, 12 May 2014

When is a Flora dress not a Flora dress?

When it's a Flora playsuit!

This is my third and definitely not my final Flora dress! When I read the first post for the Flora sewalong (ok, not very thoroughly as it turned out) there was an announcement for a bonus playsuit variation. I thought to myself great, I love playsuits! If I had read the post properly I would have seen that in actual fact the girls were referring to seperates and not an all in one. This got me thinking however and I really felt like this was a brilliant idea and that the Flora tank bodice would work well on culotte bottoms.

I hadn't really gone anywhere with this idea until this weekend when I saw the announcement for the end of the sewalong and I thought that I'd better get my skates on. Here is the result!!!

Ok, so this is going to require quite alot of explaining, which I will do in a seperate post along with a tutorial for the kimono sleeve that I added to a previous Flora. In a nutshell though I added a crotch to the centre of both skirt panels (the only really major modification to the paper pattern) and then pleated the excess width to the centre front and back making an a-line silhouette. Sound hard to get your head around? Believe me when I say it was really not that complicated. Diagrams will help.

Proof that this is a pair of culotte bottoms. No more blowy skirt and blushes on a windy day, yay!

The bodice zips up the centre with an open ended zip for breast feeding ease and reduced panic in the bathroom!!! It makes for a nice clean line I think and the pleat on the culottes simply folds underneath and is held in place with a hook and eye. I will add pictures of this to explain.

Inside shot. The brown cotton tape on the right hand side of the bodice bottom is a stay for the pleat to reduce stretching when I pull the playsuit down and up to get in or out.

So there you have it. My last Flora before the sewalong end! This is the first time I have participated in a sewalong and I have really enjoyed it. It has pushed me to be a bit more experimental with a bought pattern and explore the variations that are not on the packet. I hope you like it!

FYI - I adore this pattern!