Friday, 6 June 2014

Hepburn Flora

This is a Flora that I made during me-made May, but didn't blog.

The fabric is part of my Goldhawk road haul. That road (or the 2 shops we went in before my money ran out) is great! I was very cautious and only bought 1.5 metres of this knowing I was only buying it because it was a print that featured in Tilly's book. I made this up quickly because I didn't want it to linger in my stash for too long, frightened it would get stuck in stash limbo.

Do I love it? Hell yes!

Now, this is the forth Flora tank bodice I have made since April. I am seriously attached to this bodice. I have added some little tied spaghetti straps to allow for easy breast feeding access (again!!!). I know that I will not be feeding forever, so do not want the practicalities of my clothes to spoil their appearance in the mean time. This is an adequate enough solution and may be a bit of a faff tying and untying each time, but I really miss wearing pretty dresses with closed bodices.

The feel of the fabric (which is a cotton/silk voile) is so smooth. It is lovely to sew with too, which was a relief! I used a fine needle and it went through my machine like a treat! I have french seamed the skirt, which is lined with a white cotton lawn from my stash and fully lined the bodice with the same white lawn. I always have some of this put aside, as it's great for underling and lining bodices, but a bit sticky on tights for skirts. The dress is so delicate and light. I think it looks much more expensive than £6p/m it actually cost.

Due to the small amount of fabric I made no attempt to pattern match and was one of the reasons I changed the pattern direction for the skirt. Make the most of what you've got is what I say! I also managed to use a vintage metal red zip from my 'big bag of zips'.

Here it is in action during me-made May!!!

I think I may wear it as a skirt quite alot actually, but it sits better with a bodice attached than it would with just a waistband, as it does not move around.

Anyway, I have seriously digressed, as the whole point of showing this was to say that this is my submission to the 'Hepburn project' over at Rhinestones and Telephones. I think the bodice is very 'Audrey' who, incidently, is my ultimate style icon. Style personified! I mean, she was muse to Hubert de Givenchy for crying out loud! I hope to make some wide leg 'Katherine' trousers too, but no pressure on that one! This is an informal challenge with no deadline and the only real goal is to create great wearable clothes with the the two 'Hepburns' as the inspiration. Who can resist dressing like such stylish women?


helen siddon said...

The dress is beautiful and far more glamorous than anything I had when I was breast feeding! I'm tempted by the Flora because I like the tank bodice but I'm trying to use the many dress patterns I already have before I can justify buying another!

marilla walker said...

Ah, thanks Helen! The flora is the only BHL pattern I own (apart from the free Polly top) and also the most expensive pattern i have bought, as i tend to buy vintage, but I would definitely say this is going to earn it's keep.

JustSew Jenna said...

Amazingly beautiful dress, I love the way you have used the stripes! It is nice to see the fabric you bought on Goldhawk Road being used, I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for the ladders!!

marilla walker said...

Ah, thanks Jenna! This is my favourite make for a while it must confess! I feel sad for all the unused fabric, so I am powering through it ;-)