Friday, 13 June 2014

Mum made kids stuff!

I've finally done it, I've started making clothes for my children! Now that me-made May is over and the change in weather is upon us I have bitten the bullet. The children need weather appropriate stuff and I cannot seem to justify buying it all new from the high street when I know that I am perfectly capable of making things myself. I'm not saying I'll never buy new, as vests, socks, pyjamas etc... seem a bit beyond my time and motivation at the moment, but I'm definitely going to push myself to make as much as possible.

I started out with the shorts. Heavily inspired by Jenna's Sunny Day shorts (free Oliver and S download) I downloaded and cut the pattern to the 18-24 month size for my 21 month old son. Let me tell you, these are super quick to make. I admit that I am a quick sewer, but I ran my first pair up during Eastenders on Tuesday night and have made 3 more pairs since.

Below is the first pair made from some denim left over from this dress, but he was in such desperate need of them that they have been worn before I could photograph them. There may be a bit of food on there if you look close enough!

This is a slightly 'posher' pair in lovely linen (FYI £2p/m from local market) with a back pocket (saved from refashioned t-shirts further down)

These are just for fun! My son loves trains and is obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine, so I chose this cute train print cotton from Fabricland. I have actually made 2 pairs and they are great for just scrubbing around in the garden.

I managed to make all these for approx £3 investment. Not bad considering that 1 pair from a really cheap shop would cost about that! I have more planned for baby girl, but perhaps with elastic round the bottom of the legs for a bloomer effect.

Now on to the refashioning. I have kept a load of my sons clothes aside for my daughter, because you quickly realise when you have babies that their clothes hardly get worn before they grow out of them. For the most part I think that they are fairly non-gender specific, but some of them have potential to be a bit prettified. You also realise with babies that you needn't have bought any clothes for the first 6 months as you get gifts from everyone (even people you've never met). It's like this big amazing secret that no-one shares, so it's only now really that I'm thinking what I can do for Maria as her girly wardrobe is suddenly looking a little sparce (not that she minds!)

I kept back these plain t-shirts from last summer which, although servicable, are a bit plain.

I made a simple bow out of a scrap of fabric and pinned it to the front and machined flat
Ta dah!
For all the t-shirts I removed the front pockets, neck binding and sleeve hem. I simply overlocked the raw edges.

Above is a free hand cut bird, machine appliqued and embroidered with a repositioned button for an eye (securely attached) and below is a machine appliqued heart. Both used some Liberty scraps I got free with a Mollie Makes subscription, so no further financial investments, yippee!

So, some quick and dirty, but practical sewing. I loves it!

Continuing the hand made kids theme here are some gorgeous hand knits from my mother in law. Lucky kids!

For Maria
For Evan (then Maria)
Ta ra for now and have a good weekend!


Sasha said...

Lucky kids … love the graphical minimalism of the apliques especially the bird… so cute!

marilla walker said...

Thanks Sasha! I may need to cut them out and turn them into a blanket or something once Maria's finished! ;-)

Zoe said...

Oh AWESOME creations! Thanks so much for leaving me the link, they are all great and very inspirational to see. I'm in a very similar boat right now. My daughter is 8 months and I can see that the gifts and hand-me-downs are rapidly drying up. I think with a little bit of sewing here and there I can get her through to 1 year, and I've started charity-shopping for the things I'm unlikely to sew for her (baby grows and onesies, you know) for a year +. Zoe xxx

Caroline said...

Super cute applique decorations ; )

marilla walker said...

Oh yep, charity shops are always a must for kids stuff (clothes and toys). Never bought a brand new winter coat yet! Thanks guys! Xxx

JustSew Jenna said...

They're great! I love the liberty appliqué, so cute! Love the knitwear too, lucky children!