Monday, 28 July 2014

Accidental capsule wardrobe!

What was I doing this weekend? Well, when I wasn't spending quality time with the family I was making up some Purl Soho city gym shorts.

The beginning of this tale starts where I ask my good friend Eleanor if she would like me to make her something and I asked her if she would like me to make her a Flora dress with wrap over bodice. This was my downfall! Several months later and this has not materialised. Almost as soon as I suggested it I knew it was a mistake, as I haven't met up with her since and wasn't planning an immediate visit to Bristol to check fitting etc... I have since read loads of comments about the Flora wrap needing major fit adjustments, so knew this wasn't the right dress to tackle without dear friend to test fit.

In hindsight  the Flora dress wasn't right as it's more of an occasional dress and if I'm going to the bother of making someone something then it may as well be something more wearable. I do however love the Flora pattern!

One of the prototypes I had made for my own pattern over the last couple of months was perfect for Eleanor anyway, so I decided I was going to send her this dress.

This is me trying it on and photographing it to get a sense of proportion. The difference that this has compared with the final pattern is that it features a narrow collar that mimicks a t-shirt neck ribbing, but in a woven fabric. I have left this off the final pattern as I was worried it was too fiddly to attach.

This weekend I tweeted the link to the city gym shorts pattern and Eleanor said she needed a pair for Zumba class (not asking me to make her some by the way) and I thought I'd give it a go. I mis-printed a landscape version of the PDF which had some parts missing, threw it in the recycling, broke the printer, fished it out of the recycling and traced the rest directly from the monitor (not advised!). Anyway, eventually I got the pattern together... A couple of pairs later, plus a co-ordinating top and I seem to have developed a mini capsule wardrobe that would be perfect for a holiday!

The top in matching fabric is another sample from my pattern (sorry for the shameless plugging), which I made as a dress as one of the many construction test samples. I simply cut it down to a top following the curved hem for the top variation. Looks way better as a top!

Zig zag top-stitching to keep that pesky elastic in place.

Overlap detail. I confess I didn't follow the instructions apart from what length to cut the waistband and the elastic, but I'm sure I must have done a similar construction anyway!

Dress collar detail with little rouleaux loop and button on the back. Fancy!

And the front...

Top pocket close up. I used a jersey for the pocket for a relaxed sporty feel.

The only picture I took of the printed shorts in full view. A bit rubbish, but it gives you an idea.

And I think that's it! I'm definitely going to make myself some of these shorts, as the cut on the leg is very flattering, even on my thunder thighs!!! Fortunately Eleanor has amazing legs, so I hope she'll get loads of wear from them. I'm glad it's worked out this way and I'm sending her a collection rather than just one dress, as it seems more special somehow and will hopefully be easier to intergrate into her actual wardobe. Only time will tell, I just hope it all fits!!!