Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Putting a value on home sewn

I have been reading alot lately about people learning to sew. If you have the inclination and some basic tools then you can sew. It's just like most things in life, if you learn some basic skills, you can build on them as much as or as little as you like. I did read somewhere though, and I can't remember where, that people who sew aren't talented! This was suggesting that although skills were developed over time, you do not require talent to become a sewer.

Whilst it is true that the only requirement is a determination to learn, it is also possible to be a talented seamstress. The notion that home sewing is 'talentless' under rates an already under valued craft/skill/art. Anyone can stitch fabric together, just as well as anyone can put paint on a brush and place that brush to paper, but not anyone has the ability to match silhouette, texture and colour to create something that is truly beautiful do they? You can swap beautiful for wearable if you like in that last bit!

It's not just home sewing that is under valued either. That is why we are surrounded by cheap clothes on the high street. Having worked in a high street buying office it seems that consumers expect alot for their money in this throw away society and are very reluctant to pay more for it.

For me it is an issue that I have yet to come to terms with, but I have learnt that when someone asks me to make them something (who is not family) it is best to decline politely. Bit of an employment history today, but I used to be a curtain maker long ago and more recently, when working in a web design agency was asked if I could alter some net curtains for a co-worker. I reluctantly said yes and shortened them as requested and he didn't even offer me any money for it. Can you believe that? I couldn't even ask as I was so embarassed and it's not like I had bags of free time then as I was working alot of over time.

 Anyway, what was the purpose of this post again? I don't really know! Is this a rant or is this just something in my head that I needed to get out there? I was disappointed about the net curtains, but I got over it and always say no to people these days (shame really!).

Just remember that there is lots of sewing 'talent' out there and that all textiles are an investment of time and skill and should be valued as such at all times! Maybe it's because there is soo much talent out there that it has been belittled!!!!