Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Winter sewing

I am not finding much selfish sewing time this month, but this also means that I've not got much to write about and really want to write a blog post, so I thought I would create a compilation of the things I would like to make for AW '14.

All I want at the moment is to feel comfortable, so I have a plan for loose shapes. I also cannot quite steer myself away from blue, but that's ok because blue is great! Below is what I really, really want to make!!!

  1. A camel boyfriend coat - I have just bought THE perfect cashmere/wool blend fabric for this
  2. Denim low slung wrap skirt - think this will be a self draft and is the least likely to come to fruition of all of the above
  3. Lots and lots of loose button front blouses
  4. Plain tops. As luck would have it my soon to be complete pattern will fulfil this and the loose blouse plan ;-)
  5. Loose jumpsuit - I have actually just bought this one, but can't help feeling I look like I'm going to work in a garage. I need to get used to it before embarking on my own make I think, as I am new to the world of the jumpsuit
  6. These amazing Named Wyome jeans - I already have the pattern and some drapey chambray fabric, just need the time!
  7. Stripe coat - I'm working on it!
Seeing all this together makes me feel excited for the changing seasons and I much prefer winter clothes (doesn't everyone?). I think it's because there are more clothes to think about, whereas I spend the summer months (when hot) just throwing on whatever is cool enough.

Hopefully I will get round to making some of this soon, but I really, really need to make my husbands coat, before he completely gives up hope!