Monday, 18 August 2014

Print development!

Fellow print swappees will probably have a fair idea of where they are going with their print by now, but I thought I would share my thought process and main idea so far.

Before even imagining doing a hand printed fabric swap, I went to London with my good sewing pal Jenna to see the current Matisse exhibition. It was a really great collection of his later artwork and was very revealing into his creative process. I really enjoyed the bold shapes, colours and freedom in his artworks and it felt as though they were created in flashes of inspiration, although they were probably much more considered then they appear.

I have been trying to engage with the works I saw in the exhibiton by creating paper shapes of my own.

I began by simply looking out of my window into the garden (excuse the mess) and cutting shapes out of parcel paper. I did this without marking with a pencil, as I didn't want to start fussing over details...

and this is what I made...

So that's a shed, a dandelion, some grass and a tree. I did make a key and a holly leaf too, but they were rubbish! The little squares are just offcuts, but they look nice like confetti

I like this, but am going to use this for something else.

The motifs are exactly what I want to use, but having seen this plate, I have decided to make them a bit lighter.

Below are some stamps that I cut from some lino. I used a super soft double sided lino and this lino cutting tool. I drew the shapes on with a pencil and gouged out the surrounding lino making sure to not dig in with the tool. If you dig at too much of an angle the blade gets caught, so just take your time and scoop small amounts. I stuck the lino shapes to small blocks of wood with a glue gun. The wood were just bits we had lying around in the garage, so nothing special!

To create a 2 colour tree stamp, I made the branches seperate from the main trunk. It gives me the option for 2 colours and also means that each tree will be slightly irregular as they will be lined up by eye. I could even use the shapes seperately to create pattern for another print maybe.

Below is a quick test print on paper using ink pads, but I have not decided on a repeat or colourway yet, so there are still some surprises left!!!!

So that is a peek into how my ideas are forming. I hope this is helpful and shows you how a simple exercise like looking out the window with a pair of scissors and some paper can take you in a brand new direction!