Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Refashioned knit into sailors top

In case you missed my post earlier today, I have updated my sailors top pattern. This means that it is at the front of my brain for things I want to make and today I combined that pattern and this jumper for a quick and satisfying refashion.

There is actually not much wrong with this jumper, but it is an item that was bought to wear when pregnant with my son as a comfy slouchy cocoon and has never really been that flattering. It was about £10 from the Gap sale and is a size large. It's always been too big and it sags at the hem in a weird way, which seems more visible when on. Never the less, I did make good use of it and have worn it loads over the past couple of years, but it had to go! It used to be cream by the way, but after a few colour washes and a mucky tinge, I decided to dye it a pale grey colour instead.

I like the rib on the neckline and the armholes and had an idea to re-use this somewhere as part of the re-fashion, but didn't manage to. I shall save them though!

I went through many ideas of what to do with this knit, as there is a fair amount of fabric, but the lack of sleeves actually reduced it's potential quite significantly

How do you cut up a jumper? I decided that as my pattern pieces are all straight that I would use them as a guide for cutting, but actually follow the line of the knit more than the pattern piece. There is no way I could take joy from cutting this up and having a wonky knit seam!!! By the way, as soon as I cut the pieces out I overlocked them all the way round to prevent any unravelling. I get irrationally scared cutting into knit or loose weave fabric that they will unravel before my eyes before I get to sew them up. Is it just me?

I cut the shoulder gussets as a single layer with a seam allowance on the inside edge for turning under. This differs from the pattern, as it is drafted to be cut on the fold and the folded edge form the finish of this inside edge. To prevent this edge from streching out of shape I inserted some elastic through the channel. This isn't pulled too tight, just enough to keep it close to the shoulder. I must have subconsiously done it this way after seeing these jeans on 'very purple persons' blog. She used wide elastic as an interfacing on the waistband to pull it in and I think that this is a brilliant idea that has clearly influenced my sewing today.

I covered the neck seam with this printed cotton tape that I got free from a magazine ages ago and have been waiting to use. This seemed the perfect project and it is so pretty. I need to get me some cotton tape and print some of my own to use for sewing me thinks. I was left with such a small scrap of it that I was able to throw it in the bin guilt free (I may go back and get this later)

Here I am stitching the seam flat against the bodice! Doesn't it look pretty?

The whole jumper was stitched on the sewing machine, as I had already overlocked everything, but I kept the seam allowances as per the pattern, so only 0.5cm on the side seams and sleeves.

I encased some elastic inside the sleeve hem whilst I was stitching it to help pull it in. It was looking very out of shape prior to this, so definitely needed to be done. I 'm not overly happy with the sleeve hems though, as I'm not a fan of knitwear being finished on the machine like that and not ending with a rib. I may go back and try and change that with the rib I have left over, but may not, because it looks ok and I'm not sure I can be bothered.

Here it is. If I do alter the sleeve hems then I may also make them a smidge shorter, as I think I'd prefer to have my t-shirt peeking out.

I don't think I'll wear it with jeans like this, as I think it would look better with a skirt and tights in the winter. Yay, I can't wait for winter dressing!

Another pretty tape shot...

You can see a bit clearer that those sleeve hems aren't so wonderful. It really doesn't matter when it's on though, so i should probably stop going on about it.

Incidently, I have just set up a pinterest board with ideas for this pattern. Look at this gusset! For more ideas go here.


Bellbird said...

An inspiring re-fashion! Your top pattern is so versatile. I've printed out the pattern, it's up next in my queue. Can't wait.

JustSew Jenna said...

Brilliant use of old knitwear!

Marilla Walker said...

Oh god, I hope it all goes well! I think you are smaller than I am, but if you are ok with an oversized fit then great, but if not then maybe take some off the sides and the inside edge of the shoulder gussets.

Marilla Walker said...

Thanks Jenna. It was such nice big pieces to work with too, it was crying out to be cut up! Although, seeing it in these pictures makes it look really nice as it was!!!

Bellbird said...

Hi Marilla, I made up the Sailor's Top today and I love it!! It came together so well and was done in an afternoon. Very satisfying. Thanks so much for providing your pattern! I'll take some pics next time we have a sunny day.

Marilla Walker said...

Oh my god, put a picture on Instagram so I can see! Soooo exciting!