Sunday, 5 October 2014

'Casual sweet clothes' jersey top

Here's a top I've had on the hanger for a few weeks now, but for one reason or another haven't blogged about.

It's my first make from the 'casual sweet clothes' book, a new Japanese sewing book from Laurence King. There are a few lovely patterns in the book that I want to make, but will probably be making a couple more of these tops first!

This is C in the book I think and is called 'jersey top' (but I made it up in a woven). This is a hand printed fabric that I did during my recent print swap and was just an experimental piece really. An experimental piece that went wrong that is!!! Here is a post with an image of what the print originally looked like and what it ended up as after some badly judged washing.

After another wash and some furious stamping I ended up with something that was semi ok. Once cut up and made into a top I have ended up with something that I truely love! It's difficult to make out, as the print is actually quite subtle now, but it reminds me of a kind of Nani Iro esque print (dare I compare myself to such beautiful fabrics???)

The top itself is actually a semi-fitted sleeveless camisole with princess seams and the cape sleeves are sewn into the princess seams at the same time as constructing the top. This makes for a very quick top and is so pretty. It has a big thumbs up from James and I'm finding myself wearing this much more than I thought I would so far.

I have plans for a jersey version in stripes like the book (obvs) as well as a plain Navy jersey version. In fact the stripe jersey is ready and waiting in my stash and was a gift from my lovely friend Jenna, so may come to fruition sooner than I think!

This is a lovely book and has some very sweet clothes (totally suggested in the title already). Make sure to check the pattern sheets though, as I found that I had two sheets with a different index printed on the front (correct), but the same pattern pieces on both (incorrect). I contacted Laurence King publishing however and they rectified the situation very speedily, but it's worth checking the sheets as soon as you get the book. If you're like me and don't make anything from it for a while, you may be dissapointed to find you don't have the correct pattern pieces when you are ready to start!