Saturday, 4 October 2014

Holiday wardobe

I have just returned home from a week away in Dorset with my husband and two children and wanted to review my holiday wardrobe and also show you what I packed!

If the idea of this bores you rigid then click away now, but I find it really interesting how my 'holiday' wardrobe works. The way I dress when I'm away differs slightly from how I dress at home and I enjoy the challenge of taking as little as possible.

At home my style can be quite eclectic and definitely depends on my mood. I seem to have different clothes personalities for different occasions/days, so am not too rigid about sticking to a specific style. On holiday, it's all about the comfort and the versatility of the components!

Here are photos of what got worn!

The success/failure of my holiday wardrobe definitely hinged on my black skirt and jeans. I always seem to stick to a favourite pair of trousers when away, so it's pointless taking more than one pair as I'm unlikely to chop and change. Risky, but in this case it worked out!

How I wore it!

Try not to look too closely at day three and home day, as I look a right scruff bag!

This is most definitely one of my most successful packs to date. I probably could have scaled down slightly on the tops and I did end up with some unworn stuff (listed below) but overall, not too bad! I shall be using this formula in the future for sure. Basically a couple of bottoms, a mix of tops, a couple of dresses and some cardis and jobs a good'n!

Ok, so if you know my makes, then you probably know how much I like stripes!

Just for my own amusement really, here's a totally stripey outfit that I didn't actually wear...

Dolores meets japanese shirt dress. I only wish I had some stripey tights to complete the look!

If you're still here and interested then here is a list of what I packed...
  1. Hand stitched jeans
  2. Gap skirt
  3. Japanese striped dress
  4. Maya dress
  5. Dolores top x 2
  6. Maya cropped front top
  7. Japanese hand printed top
  8. Hemlock tee
  9. Maya blouse
  10. Cos wool cardigan
  11. Cos merino jumper - not photographed or worn
  12. Toast thick jumper - not photographed or worn
  13. Merino Gap cardigan
  14. Accessories including 2 belts, 2 bags and tights
  15. Shoes including flat sandals, brogue trainers and dark brown clogs - clogs not photographed or worn
  16. Albion coat
  17. Toast coat - not photographed or worn
You are welcome to use my (completely unscientific) 'holiday' formula for yourself if you like!