Monday, 6 October 2014

New Maya pattern is released today!

The day has finally come and my brand spanking new pattern, the Maya, is finally set free and up for sale!

This is probably way more of a big deal to me than it is to anyone else, but just let me bask in this moment of pure joy and excitement for a moment!

Here is my official description accompanying the pattern...

The Maya pattern is available in UK sizes 8-18 and takes its influence from my Central American mother and family. It is a kimono/cap sleeve dress or top that is designed to hang well from the shoulders and have a wide fit from the bust down, much like a traditional Guatemalan Huipil. It is intended to be playful and fun and can really showcase an amazing fabric, whether that be a bold print or luscious fibre.

Although relatively simple in design, the variations are endless and there are several lengths to choose from ranging from a cropped top to a knee length dress with a hip length top and shorter dress length in-between. Other variants include a straight or shaped hem, button or plain front as well as an option for a sash belt.

The construction is straight forward and creates a tidy finish as you work through the instructions leaving no raw edges in sight.

This pattern would be suitable for an advanced beginner as there are elements to take your time over, such as the top stitched facings and the button plackets, but there is nothing too crazy and nothing that can't be completed on a standard sewing machine.

And now here are several hundred pictures, well almost!

click image to enlarge for size inforamtion
 If you are interested in buying this pattern then please come and visit my shop. If you are struggling to read this link then here's a bigger one...

If you wish to see more images of this pattern then please head over to my Pinterest board to see what some of the testers made!

On that note, I cannot get over the generosity of fellow sewists. The ladies who agreed to test this pattern for me took a complete chance on an unknown designer and took time out of their lives to make up my pattern and provide valuable feedback for which I am so grateful!

My longer term aim is to produce good quality print at home PDF dress making patterns that are stylish, versatile and offer value for money (hence the many variations). I would like to eventually produce a physical paper product, but that really depends on the reaction to the digital version first.

Essentially I am designing things that I would wear myself and am predominently influenced by minimalist Japanese and Scandinavian styles. I hope to create a range of 'go to' patterns that can be used time and time again, but cannot confirm how quickly these patterns will come together, as I already have full-time obligations and am literally doing every little aspect myself. This is not a complaint by the way, as I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't passionate about it and I feel totally fortunate to be able to explore this venture at all!

If you like what I do then watch this space for more!!!