Saturday, 11 October 2014

Souvenir shopping!

 What sewist doesn't look for something sewing related when on holiday? I ALWAYS do and when in the South West I am especially on the look out for vintage finds! Growing up round there, I have a good idea of where to go and I know that the prices are still reasonable. My home town has a high street literally lined with Antique/junk and charity shops and there is always something that I want to buy when I'm there. I'm talking about Honiton in Devon just in case you were wandering! We only made day trips there this time to visit people, so didn't get to shop, but did stop off at Lyme Regis for a sneaky treasure hunt. There is one particular shop right on the beach that I always head straight for.

I found most of my 'finds' before I even walked through the door! Never walk past baskets or boxes of stuff with bargain price tags on, because you never know what's in there.

I have a slight weakness for old linen and the above embroidery made up of 2 shades of blue really caught my eye. It's unusual to see this combination or tudor??? design, as you see alot of colourful floral bits. Ok, so the below is floral, but it's very skilled and I especially like the two colour edge. Both of these were £2 each.

This quilted pyjama case with silk satin back was my splurge really at £10. It is a sheer silk top that is quilted to a silk back and corded with coloured fleece. I have a similar type of thing already which inspired my final collection when at uni, so am fairly fond of this technique.

 There was quite a selection of vintage clothes, but I didn't really want to spend too much. After a quick browse I found a nighty in my favourite kind of browny floral print. I'll wear it as a dress with a belt in the winter.

Last thing from there was a bundle of unseen scraps for £6...

Which included this amazing embroidery. I am thinking of turning the rest of this bundle into a project which must incorperate all the elements, but need to think about it some more!

That was it from Lyme, apart from a delicious ice cream!

Another whistle stop, was at Bridport market on the Wednesday morning. Strangely, I had something quite specific in mind and it was more or less the first thing I spotted. These brown floral textured (bark cloth???) curtains. there are about 5 narrow panels and it was £2 the lot! I am going to plan this make carefully, but basically these are going to become my first ever BHL Anna dress.

 Another thing I was semi-looking for was doll house furniture. I have plans to turn some bathroom cabinets from our old bathroom into a dolls house for the kids, so am just starting to pull things together. aren't they great? wonky chairs and all for £4.

Right, I think that is the last of my holiay chatter, as I believe the last two posts have mentioned it, so now to put it to bed. Finally!!!