Sunday, 26 October 2014

Yellow denim delightful Delphine

I made a skirt this weekend and it makes me so happy, I'm almost scared to wear it for fear of ruining it!

Forgive the smug look on my face, but I found yellow denim!!! This to me is like the holy grail of fabric. I love bright denim and it don't get much brighter than this and all provided courtesy of my local fabricland (I don't mean that this was a freebie, as I did hand over cold hard cash). I bought it with a coat in mind actually, but as soon as I got home it's destiny became clear. It couldn't be anything other than a Delphine! For those who are unfamiliar, this is a skirt pattern from Tilly's book. It is so simple and perfect for a good hit of colour.

I cut a size 4 and made it without doing a toile, but tried on once seamed together and the fit is perfect! Well, actually, the waistband needs a little bit more shaping to the sides on me as my waist goes in a bit, but other than that it's just what I wanted. I did add 6cm to the hem I think, as I don't do above the knee very often and wanted to be able to wear it in the summer without tights

 I did not refer to the instructions for this, which is pretty standard for me, but instead ploughed on ahead as I would for anything made from denim. I drafted some pockets which are cut rather square and basically topstitched everything I could. I actually bought matching thread (something I NEVER do), so wanted to use as much of it as possible. The side seams are lap and fell whilst the back seam is plain and raw edges are bound with some bias strips. The binding and pockets are cut from a work shirt of my husbands which came out of the wash this week with a hole in the sleeve. I can't pretend I was too unhappy to relieve him of it!

The light was dreary when I was taking these photos and all colour was sapped, so I quickly went into photoshop to try and added some yellow back in. As you can see, a master of photoshop I am not, hence the strange hue.

Some divine inspiration hit me when I was installing the zip and I decided to sew it like this! I don't know why, but I just did and I like it! The zip is vintage and from my stash and was one of those great moments when project and zip combine! Unfortunately the inside is a bit of a car crash and I was going to cover those messy bits with some binding, but then went to bed and woke up in the morning and realised I could live with this as it is. If I were going to do a zip like this again, I would sandwhich the waistband section between the layers of fabric, but I'd already stitched these down when I started the zip and was apparently too lazy to go back and unpick. I wish I had now though!

Inside detail...

Apart from the zip, I'm pleased with the finish. Oh, except that maybe I regret slightly making my pockets blue and not white. The denim isn't see through as such, but there is a very slight shadow where the pockets are, but I don't think this will matter at the moment as I plan to only wear it with dark tights in the winter.

This is my second make from Tilly's book, although I'm surprised it's taken me so long to get around to this. Time seems to be flying by at the moment!

As for the yellow denim, it turns out there wouldn't have been enough for a coat anyway...

which meant I had to go back on Saturday and buy another couple of metres!!!