Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cat Anna

Holy wow, I love this make! I know this is often said, but this is definitely my most favourite thing I've made in a long time!

Look at my catwoman outfit! (boots and all)

Let's talk about this fabric first. It was an ebay special and I can only imagine that it was a banner printed to be cut up into cushions. The top row of cats were even marked out for cushion covers or something and the HUMUNGOUS scale certainly fits that purpose. I saw it about half an hour before the auction end and thought it looked kind of cool, but then immediately regretted bidding on it. Even when I received it, I was a bit doubtful this was going to work out, but oh my god I love it!

Unless you've been in a cave for the past year you will recognise the bodice pattern as the BHL Anna dress. I have been extremely slow in making it to the Anna party, but I finally arrived! I was always planning to buy it, but when they launched their PDF patterns I kind of thought that there was no rush, so relaxed about the idea. The day they announced they were withdrawing this digital format I immediately ordered the paper version...go figure!

I made up a size 14 with no adjustments (previously toiled) and am really happy with the fit. In fact I think it's purrrfect! (sorry)

Look at my cat back! Oh yeah, I moved the zip to the side. I had to really didn't I? Not as convinced about my placement on the back skirt though! because of the print I discarded the Anna skirt pattern and simply gathered material to the bodice instead lining up the front pleats with the darts.

This fabric is quite a thick cotton, so I topstitched down the darts, shoulder seams and waist seam so that it looks nicer. In fact I didn't press anything during the whole sewing process, because I was busy topstitching everything I could and the fabric doesn't really need it.

I originally had 3 cat faces on front and back, but this was too full, so I had to cut the ones to the side in half and pattern matched them on the seam.

I wasn't intending on doing anything for the BHL pattern hackathon, but then this happened and I may as well enter it! I love it, so hopefully other people will too!

These pictures are a result of a baby girl not letting me take photos without coming with me. That's fine, she's allowed to dictate what we do, but it wasn't working out and I eventually managed to persuade her to eat a rice cake indoors and watch some TV (bad mum)

Didn't take her long to get bored of that idea though!!!

Not much more to say about this, but don't know how to stop writing so just going to call it over.

The end!