Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New knitting challenges

It's New Years Eve and I feel that there is alot to get excited about. Not this evening specifically, but more what's in store for the New Year. As well as the usual sewing and pattern cutting challenges I have set myself new knitting and refashioning challenges.

This post is about the knitting and it's happened very organically, but I have decided to join in with the (very relaxed) instagram KAL hosted by Jess (@shoplamercerie), Amy (@seamstressandtheband) and Jen (@grainlinestudio). They’re using the IG hashtag #sundaysweaterkal and it should be good fun if you fancy joining in!

I haven't actually knitted for at least a year since Maria was born, so it will be good to get back into it. I was just starting to pick things back up when I saw this KAL, which has really got me excited.

Not content with making things easy for myself, I have decided to write a knitting pattern for the Hemlock tee. It's a great shape for a knitted jumper and relatively easy to calculate. I was thinking of using this Brooklyn Tweed pattern, but then started looking through my existing knitting patterns and couldn't justify adding another one to the collection. If this fails though, I may resort back to my original plan as it's a really gorgeous pattern. A little known fact to you bloggy fellows is that when I graduated from uni, I dreamed of becoming a knitwear designer. I was 25 when I started my degree and had been sewing for ages already, but knitting was totally new to me and I basically inhaled knitting books, experimented with yarns, stitches and knitting scale for three years. Pattern cutting was an important part of the degree too, as I worked alot with wovens still, but it was the knitting that got me truly excited. I'm a bit all or nothing with it though, as I am a slowish knitter and it takes a while for my ideas to turn into something,. My energy peaks and troughs with knitting, where as I am always sewing and completing woven garments.

It's actually great to start out with a good jersey shape that I know already, as I know I like the fit and this is exactly how you toile a knitted piece anyway. You make a jersey version and once you are happy with the fit you then chart your knitting pattern. So I have squared everything of a bit and removed the sleeve head. I am making up and writing the pattern as I go along, but with these measurements as a reference. If the first sleeve looks weird without the original top shaping then I may go back and change it, but after knitting several jumpers for my children with flat sleeve tops I am confident it should work....should!!!

I have worked out my stitch repeat that goes across the width and am currently knitting the back, so it's just a case of knitting straight up until I get to the back neck shaping. This is hopefully what my design will look like.

And here is what I've done so far!

I am so excited about this project, as I needed something completely different to get my teeth stuck into. Now my problem is that I am so excited, I want to cast on another one right away. I am imagining all the knits that I don't have time for and want them all now!!!

Is it me or does this cold weather bring the knitter out?