Monday, 8 December 2014

Quick Linden sweater post!

I've already seen enough versions of the Grainline Linden sweatshirt to know that I like it, so won't bore you to death with my versions, but I thought I would just write up a quick post to show you my versions.

Not much to say really, it's a great basic pattern that I can see will be used again and again by me, so a great addition to my pattern collection and made even better by the fact that it was a black Monday bargain! I also finally invested in the Scout Tee. Only about 2 years after everyone else!!! Can't beat a good basic in my opinion!

I wanted to talk more about the jersey revelation I've been experiencing lately. I have never been drawn to sewing jersey (as previosuly documented) and have always thought it much easier to buy jersey items, but this year have been making an effort to reduce how many RTW t-shirts and sweaters I buy. I still struggle with a lack of love for the process, but I have found love for the fabric! I realise now that I have probably not been paying attention to the quality like I do with wovens, which is a just so stupid in retrospect, but you live and learn! I have bought better and ended up with two sweaters that I would easily have handed money over for if I had seen them in a shop.

Here's my Black Linden in a good quality polyester/viscose mix jersey. The word polyester is a real turn off, but the fabric is so smooth and thick, it is actually scrummy.

I only bought a metre thinking I could be clever and squeeze my desired jumper out of it, but alas I had to put in a centre back seam, cue back pleat and zip 'feature'... I also (for some unknown reason) cut the cuffs on the non-stretch grain of the fabric and with no leftover fabric to make ammends scrapped them all together. They are in fact the perfect length like this, so no biggy!

If this had all panned out like I wanted then I was going to aim for something more like this, but maybe another time!

The next Linden is completely made from leftovers, which is a mega win. Not only on the stash busting side, but for the sheer decadance of the fabrics. The grey is a sweater fleece and the front panel a wool knit and both are from my fabrics. I bought the last piece of the wool knit, but the fleece is still available.

I had never heard of this fabric before, but it is a cotton jersey facing and a furry fleecy underside. I had to force myself to remove this to take photos, it's so soft and cosy. Speaking of which, I stopped trying to model after that first photo, as I'm not in the mood and the jumper looks much better on than how I was showing it. For some reason the sleeves look all weird ad I was not up for taking multiple photos until I was happy.

As already mentioned, I was dealing with leftovers and used every last scrap of the grey for this. To the point where I had to make the sleeves 3/4 length and cut off grain, reduce the width of the cuff bands, add in a CB seam to the back hem band and patch some pieces in to make a full band width. I don't know if you can see my frankenstein stitched patchwork on the inside hem on the below photo, but there are a couple of these. It's on the inside though so no-one will see. I zig zagged the patch with the pieces slightly overlapped to reduce any bulk that a patched seam may produce.

So there you have it a couple of Lindens for you! If you already have a good sweater pattern then I guess you wouldn't want to buy another, but if you don't already own one then I can thoroughly recommend this one!